[PD] readanysf~: use two versions of Flext?

august august at alien.mur.at
Thu Mar 24 22:11:40 CET 2005


where is the best place to put the:


I put it in sources/flsupport.h  and now can run with flext4.7

best -august.

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005, Thomas Grill wrote:

> Hi August,
> i had a look and though i didn't find out the exact cause of the
> crashes, there's an easy workaround that we already discussed a while
> ago. Why not simply #define FLEXT_NOGLOBALNEW so that flext doesn't
> override the global memory operators? There's no problem with that - one
> can nevertheless link to the shared flext library, since those operators
> are inlined.
> It works for me - i have readanysf~ running with the latest flext cvs
> version.
> Attached are the adapted configure.ac and src/Makefile.am files for
> current flext.
> best greetings,
> Thomas

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