[PD] PDA suggestions

Alexandre Matheson amatheso at alcor.concordia.ca
Tue Mar 29 15:45:10 CEST 2005


I'm planning to purchace a PDA but have a couple of questions. I will be 
using PDa on it(http://gige.xdv.org/pages/pd/) so it must have a linux based 
os. I was thinking of geting something from the sharp Zaurus line running 

the SL-C3000 would be sweet but the os has not been completely translated to 
english and is a bit pricey. http://www.bargainpda.com/

the SL C1000 seems to be my best bet

I was wondering if midi was available on these devices. Also I would like 
PDa to be able to communicate with a basic stamp.

Any suggestions would be very helpfull.


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