[PD] Win 2000 pix_video

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Wed Mar 30 08:58:49 CEST 2005

chris clepper wrote:
> What I find amazing is that you can't actually tell people about how 
> poorly all this commercial software performs.  Once you show them the 
> alternative then they realize, but usually resort back to the stuff they 
> (over)paid for.  I also really enjoy reading press reviews that laud the 
> latest and greatest software that has the same features Pd/GEM had years 
> ago.  I guess someone should hire a PD PR person.

I think the other thing is that the ones using commercial software 
usually aren't too interested in performance, control, or modifiability; 
anyone who is quickly gravitates to OSS. I spend hours and hours 
troubleshooting, compiling, installing, etc and I get software that will 
do whatever I want efficiently, smoothly, and for free. But sometimes I 
wish it "just worked", and that's when I could justify paying $500 for a 
sub par piece of software that, rather than doing what I want, will 
force me to want to do what it's capable of.

But programs like Final Cut Pro with its "Realtime Video" coming out 
these days pisses me off; capitalizing on ideas and even code that's 
been around for years for free. I don't mind FUD, but I do mind them 
claiming they invented the wheel--at the least there should be credit 
where credit is due.

But oops. Sorry for the rant. The only excuse I have is long rehearsals, 
tech week, and too much wine ;)



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