[PD] PD all over the place OS X

Nicholas Ward nicholas.ward at cs.tcd.ie
Wed Apr 13 18:15:55 CEST 2005

Ive no idea how to compile stuff but would really like to get PD GEM 
PDP and PiDiP running on my machine. Powerbook OS X 10.3.7
I have PD 0.37 installed with bits of files all over the place. Its a 
mess. Could anyone recommend an installer or a set of instructions to 
me to get this going. Will I have to use fink? Cause thats where it all 
went crazy last time I tried the pidip bit. At this stage Id like to 
delete usr/local/pd and usr/local/lib/pd and begin afresh.Would 
deleting the sw folder get me back to where I was before fink went mad? 
Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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