[PD] installing PD on osX

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Jun 3 22:37:13 CEST 2005

On Jun 3, 2005, at 2:44 PM, B. Bogart wrote:

> Yes....
> On my todo list I have the task of:
> #1. Take a look at Thomas F.O.'s installer and see why he wants it
> "that" way.

> #2. Try Hans's RC's for 38 and 39
> #3. Make pixelTANGO work in Hans's

I think it would work currently if you just replace PixelTANGO.app with  
Pd-0.38-4-extendedRC0.app in the /Applications/PixelTANGO folder.  But  
it would be awesome if the absolute path stuff could be fixed so it  
could become part of the standard distros, including Windows and  

> #4. See if any ideas from Thomas's installer are worth integrating
> #5. Do a prototype of the patch searching/indexing system.
> #6. Release it all as a prototype of the future SINGLE STANDARD .app  
> for
> OSX. :)

That's what I am working towards...  I want to wrap it up for now since  
I am sunk many days into it recently.  After that, I probably won't  
make another release until 0.39 is stable.  Of course, anyone else is  
welcome to, its all in CVS.  The more, the merrier...

> I mean ".app" here and not "installer" per-se.
> How can we make PD consistant on other platforms? Easy enough in  
> windows
> to make something similar to the .app. On linux how could this be done?
> One option (ugly) I see is to create a mirror of the .app idea for
> linux, with a similar tree. This is standalone, no packages, no
> dependancies, everything included.. (sounds ugly) and some cute method
> for putting it  in the gnome/kde menu... For the user this could be
> great, all you do is untar and go, like firefox on linux. I guess the
> same thing could happen with packages?

I had the same thought.  It'd be ugly, but it'd work.  Maybe it'd be  
good for a temporary solution.  Even better would be to update the  
debian package stuff to be integrated into a cross-platform build  
system.  Also, it would be very helpful if the PlanetCCRMA RPM code was  
in packages/planetccrma_rpm.  Then that could be integrated as well.  I  
tried to get Nando from CCRMA and Marc Lavalee to upload their stuff,  
but it never happened.

> Anyone working on a linux versions of the OSX and windows package
> building scripts in CVS?

I've been meaning to pull out the cross-platform parts of  
packages/darwin_app/Makefile and make a cross-platform  
packages/Makefile so that there would be a standard layout of installed  


> B>
> � wrote:
>> I used Millers version in a workshop and it worked perfectly.
>> This makes me think that probably it would be better to have only
>> one installer for pd, and an additional one for the externals.
>> This would avoid lots of confusion about which installer to use.
>> Guenter
>> On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, thewade wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> smello,
>>> I am trying to help a friend by phone to install PD on her
>>> mac but I am unfimilar with OsX.
>>> I directed her to:
>>> http://at.or.at/hans/pd/installers.html
>>> and she dragged the dmg to the desktop and nothing happened so
>>> she clicked on it and there was no .app file. She dragged the
>>> pd-0.39test2-extended-rc0 file (no .app file extension) into the
>>> applications folder on her HD.
>>> When she did this and doubble clicked on it it launched, the
>>> menubar at the top of the screen indicated that pd was open(ing)
>>> but when she moused over the menu->file dropdown it would give
>>> her the osX spinning colorwheel thinking icon. She had to force
>>> PD to quit as regular quit would not respond.
>>> I tried to direct her to where the logfiles would be in
>>> linux-land but there was no /var/log/messages.
>>> Q1: Where are the osX system logfiles kept?
>>> Q2: How do we get PD installed on osX?
>>> Thanks y\'all!
>>> -thewade
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