[PD] more strange behaviours on 0.38.3

moritz w. erstens at gmx.ch
Sun Jun 19 18:21:16 CEST 2005

ggkarman at musicologia.com schrieb:

>Dear list,
>Im getting another really strange behaviour on 0.38.3. Ocassionally while
>programming, an unrequested help window of an arbitrary object pops up (it
>doesnt even need to be used in the patch). The thing is that after that
>every click on a canvas or a menu causes another help patch to open, and
>so on... i get dozens and dozens of windows and it is impossible to close
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i only report, that i get this strange behaviour also with pd-0.38.3 and
pd-0.38.4-devel under win xp,
than the only way to close this popup-help-windows is with "ctrl w"...

i  hope there is a solution....
thanks moritz

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