[PD] installing Gridflow on os x 10.3.9 or 10.4.2

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Thu Sep 15 01:07:12 CEST 2005

hi paris,

...I've compiled gridflow for osx many times in the past, so we know  
it works...

On Sep 14, 2005, at 10:41 AM, Paris Treantafeles wrote:
> I'm trying to get Gridflow working on one of two machine - one os x  
> 10.3.9 the other 10.4.2 and failing at the "make" part of the  
> instructions at:
> http://artengine.ca/gridflow/latest/doc/ 
> install.html#Installation_instructions_(incl._compilation)
> - at some point in the process, i get hundreds of error of they type:
> base/grid.o:81: error: stray '\2' in program
> but with various other numbers for '\2'
> I have fink and have installed ruby and all of the lib's mentioned  
> on the above page installed.
> I'm sure I'm just being stupid.

...not at all!  I found it to be a particularly finicky install, but  
only because you have to be very pedantic, and I'm used to a little  
more lee-way...

1.  make sure you've set yr paths correctly...for me, the following  
worked, but you'll want to point them to wherever you have pd and  
source installed:

export PATH=/sw/bin:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/bin:$PATH
export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/sw/include:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/include: 
export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/sw/include:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/include: 

2. then I do "./configure --no-aalib --prefix=/sw", "make", and "make  

...this definitely worked on 10.3.9 & gcc3.3, but I haven't really  
tried it since upgrading to 10.4, for reasons below...that means that  
I haven't tried to compile the latest cvs, so there may be things  
that have snuck in that your compiler version doesn't like... 
(assuming yr using gcc4)...if you want to target both 10.3.9 and  
10.4.x, you need to change the configure/make files to use  
apple's .sdk linkages, which is documented elsewhere, and can be a  
headache the first time...I'd suggest doing "gcc_select 3.3" to make  
sure your using gcc3.3 (or change the makefile accordingly)...

> I read this:
> http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2005-04/027802.html
> but wonder if it's not possible to use Gridflow with Han- 
> Christoph's pd-app?
> The posting seems to indicate that PD itself must be compiled (item  
> 4 of post).

...this is definitely one of my to-do list things:  it's difficult,  
because gridflow installs somethings into the ruby directory, which  
doesn't really lend itself to drag and drop installation...however,  
I've been working on making a ruby.framework that we could install  
gridflow in, and then just embed that in the pd.app like we do with  
tcl/tk...I've had a little success, but haven't been able to complete  
it...soon, tho...

good luck,

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