[PD] installing Gridflow on os x 10.3.9 or 10.4.2

Paris Treantafeles paris at parisgraphics.com
Thu Sep 15 03:55:42 CEST 2005

Hi James,

Thanks so much - I have GridFlow working on 10.3.9 now!
Some of the patches are having issues, but others work, so I'm quite  
happy :-)

If I have time this weekend I'll give it a try on 10.4


On Sep 14, 2005, at 7:07 PM, james tittle wrote:

> hi paris,
> ...I've compiled gridflow for osx many times in the past, so we  
> know it works...
> On Sep 14, 2005, at 10:41 AM, Paris Treantafeles wrote:
>> I'm trying to get Gridflow working on one of two machine - one os  
>> x 10.3.9 the other 10.4.2 and failing at the "make" part of the  
>> instructions at:
>> http://artengine.ca/gridflow/latest/doc/ 
>> install.html#Installation_instructions_(incl._compilation)
>> - at some point in the process, i get hundreds of error of they type:
>> base/grid.o:81: error: stray '\2' in program
>> but with various other numbers for '\2'
>> I have fink and have installed ruby and all of the lib's mentioned  
>> on the above page installed.
>> I'm sure I'm just being stupid.
> ...not at all!  I found it to be a particularly finicky install,  
> but only because you have to be very pedantic, and I'm used to a  
> little more lee-way...
> 1.  make sure you've set yr paths correctly...for me, the following  
> worked, but you'll want to point them to wherever you have pd and  
> source installed:
> export PATH=/sw/bin:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/bin:$PATH
> export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/sw/include:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/include: 
> export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/sw/include:$HOME/pd-0.38-4/include: 
> 2. then I do "./configure --no-aalib --prefix=/sw", "make", and  
> "make install"
> ...this definitely worked on 10.3.9 & gcc3.3, but I haven't really  
> tried it since upgrading to 10.4, for reasons below...that means  
> that I haven't tried to compile the latest cvs, so there may be  
> things that have snuck in that your compiler version doesn't like... 
> (assuming yr using gcc4)...if you want to target both 10.3.9 and  
> 10.4.x, you need to change the configure/make files to use  
> apple's .sdk linkages, which is documented elsewhere, and can be a  
> headache the first time...I'd suggest doing "gcc_select 3.3" to  
> make sure your using gcc3.3 (or change the makefile accordingly)...
>> I read this:
>> http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-list/2005-04/027802.html
>> but wonder if it's not possible to use Gridflow with Han- 
>> Christoph's pd-app?
>> The posting seems to indicate that PD itself must be compiled  
>> (item 4 of post).
> ...this is definitely one of my to-do list things:  it's difficult,  
> because gridflow installs somethings into the ruby directory, which  
> doesn't really lend itself to drag and drop installation...however,  
> I've been working on making a ruby.framework that we could install  
> gridflow in, and then just embed that in the pd.app like we do with  
> tcl/tk...I've had a little success, but haven't been able to  
> complete it...soon, tho...
> good luck,
> jamie
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