[PD] mp3cast~ (once again sorry)

acracia at riseup.net acracia at riseup.net
Fri Sep 16 15:25:47 CEST 2005

Quoting clemos <cl3mos at gmail.com>:

> ok, I understand :)
> it's a pity, but since I can't move all the other stuff to Linux, I
> won't use pd at all,
> but anyway, since I'm already half evil, let me go further to the dark side.

hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side instead!!

in case you want to come back to PD, in r23.cc (not online today, i'm afraid..
drupal-spamming stuff) we are using a lot of mp3cast~ mp3write~ oggcast~ and
oggwrite~... running in linux...we can lend you a hand

this thread remembers me a Frank Zappa saying:

"If we cannot be free, at least we can be cheap"


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