[PD] mp3cast~ (once again sorry)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Sep 16 16:36:23 CEST 2005

clemos hat gesagt: // clemos wrote:

> the project for which I wanted to use mp3cast~ uses Flash and Flash
> Communication Server (oooooh god!... but FCS is installed on a linux
> box...), I just have three days left to setup all the stuff, and don't
> have time (and am not expert enough) to setup a linux system for that,
> with all the problems I could meet, and all the time I should spend
> reading docs to solve them... moreover the artists for which I'm
> working don't know linux at all...
> that's all I wanted to say for my "defense" :)

Well, I think there is no real reason for "defense". A lot of people
for various reasons use Windows, if they like it or not. That's not a
real problem or maybe it is but it's not a problem to discuss on

However several of the developers of externals only use Linux, either
because they oppose to using Windows (like Yves, I suppose) or because
they just don't want to use Windows, because they prefer Linux (like
me), because they don't want to pay for an OS, because they run a Mac,
because the don't want to pay for a Mac, either.

That's not a problem either, as every external (normally) is available
as source code and as every Windows user can learn how to compile
externals on their own machines. This takes a bit of time and
learning, of course, but time and knowledge also is, what the
developers invest *for free*. And of course it's also no problem, if
someone like Olaf for example doesn't want to or can invest lots of
his free time (anymore) into Pd development. 

That's the way it is here, and it's the way, practically any "DIY"
project work.  If you cannot DIY, then you either need to find someone
who does the DIY for you (normally that is someone on this list,
sometimes that someone is Cycling 74) or if you cannot find one, learn
how to DIY yourself.

Where was the "Compiling externals with mingw HOWTO" again?

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