[PD] shell and makesymbol

günter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Fri Nov 4 17:04:31 CET 2005

Hi Ed,

Thanks a lot for trying this on OSX. It seems that the only thing
you had to do in shell was to change the way m_pd.h got included.

In fact, with the build system(s) on CVS it should handle this correctly,
without source code changes. But then I don't know if shell is included in
the OSX build. Might be worth to check out.



On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, Ed Kelly wrote:

> I had to hack a couple of other's pd source code for
> it to work on my project. Here is Gunter's shell with
> a pd-darwin makefile - it has both outlets unlike the
> wonk version. Also, Johannes' makesymbol from zexy -
> all I did was add a 1, but it can handle symbols of
> more than 80 characters.
> Best,
> Ed
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