[PD] externals link error

Juan Aboites jaboit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 23:38:36 CET 2005

hello list,

I am using Han's 0.39test2-extended-RC0 installer on OS X 10.3.9. When
trying to invoke the [gate] object i'm getting the following error:

link error 0 dyld: /Applications/ALL
multiple definitions of symbol _loud_checkint
definition of _loud_checkint
definition of _loud_checkint

The weird thing is that i can load the [gate] object if I load it before the
[comb~] object - but then the [comb~] object won't load. This works vice
versa as well: I can get [comb~] if loaded before [gate] - then [gate]
doesn't work. For whatever reason PD won't let me have the two objects at
the same time. I don't know what other objects might be involved, if any.
Also, this doesn't happen with 38.4-extended-RC2

Any way I can keep using 0.39?


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