[PD] Re: fluid~ (and footils in general)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Nov 13 23:38:43 CET 2005

Jason Plumb hat gesagt: // Jason Plumb wrote:

> > $ cd externals/footils/fluid
> > $ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc
> > $ sh ../../grill/flext/build.sh pd gcc install
> Sure enough, that worked perfectly...on the first try!
> I didn't see the changes reflected in the readme, though.  Did you get 
> that committed?

It will show up tomorrow, after the unfortunate Sourceforge delay for
anonymous checkouts. I just added a short remark hinting at the
flext-buildsys, as I didn't want to repeat all the work, that Thomas
Grill already did with describing how to build stuff on three
different operating systems, two software platforms and gazillions of
compilers. ;) Especially as I only know one combination of these

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