[PD] midi .smf files in PD

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Wed Nov 16 17:11:58 CET 2005

Krzysztof Czaja wrote:

> hi Martin,
> Martin Peach wrote:
>>> program.  The easy way of adding that is to patch the qlist itself
>>> and forget about random access, loops, overdubs and such.  Forking
>>> out yet another qlist clone is a bad idea.
>> That's what I'm trying to do with midifile. It just outputs each MIDI 
>> packet as a list from one outlet, with the current tick number on 
>> another. (It doesn't parse the MIDI since that can be done externally 
>> with [route].) It should be easy to pack those into a qlist and later 
>> edit the qlist, then play it back into a midifile to save it in .mid 
> no, that was not what I meant.  I do not think there is any reason
> for using qlist, other than getting rid of externals altogether.
> Now I am not sure you I aware of seq's (not xeq's) existence...
> Krzysztof
Oh. What is bad about qlist? I haven't used it much but it seems like a 
neat idea.
There is no obligation to use qlist with midifile, it just appears to be 
one way to get the MIDI from the compressed smf into a format that could 
be manipulated by a pd sequencer patch.
As for seq, I don't have any help patches in mine, maybe I need to 
download another copy.
If it's the same as seq in max then I don't like the fixed playback 
rate, and its inability to play just part of a file, but that's just me.


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