[PD] laptop linux

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Wed Nov 16 23:57:45 CET 2005

Le 16 Novembre 2005 16:51, Patrick Valiquet a écrit :
> I've got a thinkpad with that graphics chip in it ... in order to get
> acceleration working you have to use the i915 module, which should be
> built into kernel 2.6.10+ ... and if I remember correctly I had to
> specify in xorg.conf how much memory I wanted to use.
> It's not fancy, but it seems to do the trick for Gem.

There's also laptops with the Unichrome chip from VIA.
I don't have a laptop, but acceleration works on my Shuttle barebone,
so I assume it should also work on laptops.

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