[PD] joystick-based interactive musical instruments..

David Merrill dmerrill at media.mit.edu
Fri Nov 18 05:52:20 CET 2005

Hi folks -
Today I'm building an 'instrument' from PD and a MS Sidewinder 
joystick.. I'm feeling like I'm probably reinventing a number of things 
that people have surely done in the past - like using a 
joystick-button-combination to record my voice into an array, another 
combination to play it back, continuous joystick control to pitch-shift 
and scan the sample array at varying rates (including backwards), etc.. 
Basically I want to to easily record and tweak my voice in a number of 
ways, on the fly.. (I feel very inspired by Michel Waisvisz and his 
'hands' in this project) I've been happily creating this thing from 
scratch for a day now, but I'd like to see some examples of how others 
have implemented interesting behavior, as a reference and to spark some 
new ideas. So if you've got patches that you have made for this kind of 
thing that you can send my way (or favorites you can refer me to from 
the help files, etc..), please share - I'd be greatly appreciative!
-David Merrill

MIT Media Lab
dmerrill at media.mit.edu

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