[PD] PD and latency on kernel

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Nov 19 00:13:31 CET 2005

Jerome Tuncer wrote:
> Hi everyone.
> That's an interesting thread, there are questions here I never dared to 
> ask (-:
> I'm surprised though to hear that Pd could not become such a good 
> realtime application.

from Word-Net:
       adj : of or relating to computer systems that update information
             at the same rate they receive information

please note, that the word "latency" is nowhere mentioned. it has 
nothing to do with "realtime". (you can have a hard realtime system that 
has a delay of 1 week).
so pd is by design a realtime system.

as for low latencies, the best i ever managed to get was measured(!) 
4.5ms @ 44.1kHz, with plain OSS drivers (and lately with ALSA). this is 
pretty low for ordinary use. if you are doing music you should be 
totally fine with that. i guess only people doing technical dsp stuff 
(like echo cancellation) need to get lower latencies.

again: if you just want to record your trumpet and process it in 
real-time, i dare say that you do not need such low latencies. if 
somebody told you something else, they probably wanted to sell you 

otoh, i am always seekings minimal latency too.


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