[PD] scrolllist 0.1

Piotr Majdak piotr at majdak.com
Mon Nov 21 12:23:59 CET 2005


Yves Degoyon wrote:
 > here is an handy object to display some text in a patch,
 > scroll it, select some items,

 > http://ydegoyon.free.fr/scrolllist.tar.gz
 > ( only for linux here but would be grateful if someone would compile it
 > on osx,
 > windows, i forgot that brand since 2000 )

I adapted your scrolllist to compile on Windows 2000 - it works very nice.

I included vcmakefile.dsp, the changed files Makefile and scrolllist.c, 
and the binary scrolllist.dll in your package, which you can download 
from <http://iem.at/~majdak/download/pd/>

I had to change a few lines only - could you give me a feedback about is 
it still working on *NIX :-)

BTW: there is a little bug in scrolllist: clear the list and seek for a 
line!=0 -> pd/scrolllist crashes. Maybe it's just a 
if(out_of_lines_loaded) missing...

br, Piotr

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