[PD] sndfiler - threaded soundfiler

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 21 15:59:08 CET 2005

>> may I make the official dumb question? what is a threaded soundfiler?
>> what's the difference between a, uhhh, non-threaded soundfiler, audio  
>> or  just resources management?
> if you load a large soundfile with [soundfiler], while you are playing  
> some music, you will hear a (short or long - depends on the soundfile  
> size) audio drop out - because loading takes quite some time and will so  
> block pd's main thread.
> In [sndfiler] the loading is done in a helper thread - so it will be a  
> little bit longer, but shouldn't block audio ...

sounds quite handy (as the reactions of other users proved). any windose  
relaese scheduled?

>> does this change anything about the existing size limit of the array  
>> size?  (don't remember how much it was, but not suited to long files)
> yes - the size is much bigger ... (don't remember now the exact nr.)
> but anyway, that's only a define and can be changed ...

like everything in pd. I had already sometime ago wrote about it, but  
there was no big desire to change this parameter. I can't do it myself, I  
don't speak C, although lots of languages like english, german, french,  
portuguese, etc...

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