[PD] pd and (analog)-telephons

moritz_w erstens at gmx.ch
Wed Nov 23 13:20:55 CET 2005

> a simple hack is to buy one of these cheap phones for 5 euro. throw away the 
> speaker and connect the wires via a pot to your souncards line input. the 
> line out of your souncard you connect (again vie a potentiometer) goes to the 
> mic wires of the phone, remiving the mic. to catch the ringer, use an 
> optocoupler, connect the couplers led where the ringer led of the phone is 
> (or the ringer itself), and the phototransistor of the coupler to the 
> parport. the hook can be controlled with a small reed realy that is switched 
> on via a parport pin.
> its a hack, but surely with some kind of artistic value..... ;) oh, and its 
> damn cheap ....

first thanks for all answers, my head is spinning around. :)
i see, there are many ideas. I begin first with "Hardware-hacking", and 
  i think i beginn with chris idea. Or is it possible to read the 
modem-device directly? (how the modem-device calls in /dev/..? or 
I have a lot of telephons, and i want these as a 
sequenzer/synthesizer-interface without to loose the "soul" of the 
telephons. They should ring, answering/calling, controll in a rhytmic 
Then expand the project to controlling/answering with a pd-callcenter 
over the (telephon?-)network would be the next step..

i will keep you posted with my work

greetings  moritz

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