[PD] midi problems on Ubuntu

Carl Najafi carlnajafi at yahoo.se
Wed Nov 23 19:31:25 CET 2005

Hi gain,

--- Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org> wrote:

> Most soundcards allow only one application access to
> the playback
> hardware. If you want to run more, you will need to
> use the Jack sound
> server (or a similar solution, but Jack is best.)

In windows xp I was able to get sound from multiple
softwares simultaneously. Shouldn't I be able to do so
in linux as well?

> Install "jackd" and
> "qjackctl" with Synaptic, stop the Gnome soundserver
> using the Audio
> preferences of Ubuntu and instead launch qjackctl
> and through that,
> the jackd server. Then Pd and fluidsynth need to be
> started to use the
> jackd server. Normally jack is autodetected,
> otherwise use "pd -jack"
> or so. 

I will try that.

> Or instead use the [fluid~] external which makes
> fluidsynth available
> as a Pd object. 

I will try that as well... 

thanks for the hints. 

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