[PD] vorbis_info_clear (Gem / linux) followup

Ian Nault slavemachine at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 30 10:12:02 CET 2005

-i just want to say thank you so much andre, your post really helped...
-a couple notes i'd like to add, addressing problems i had:
-if you're using synaptic, you can use that fine to get the list of libs 
below, also make sure you have openGL installed.
-if you're using synaptic, do NOT install Gem through synaptic, this is 
asking for trouble (chances are this is how you got the vorbis_info_clear 
message to begin with). if you have tried this, go into synaptic and remove 
Gem. use "mark for Complete Removal", not just removal, or else you'll still 
get the vorbis error after compiling.
-use the cvs step below! this will give you the /Gem and /Gemlibs folders 
you need. if you try to use the iem packages, when you go into 
/gem-0.9.0/src you will not be able to autoconf! use the CVS version, and go 
into /Gem/src and you should be fine.
-depending on your installation, you may have to "apt-get install cvs", 
"apt-get install autoconf" and "apt-get install make". when i initially 
tried to cvs/autoconf/make i didn't have those commands; if you get this 
problem too try those and see if it works then.
-one final step andre left out, at least in my case: after compiling, copy 
Gem.pd_linux from /Gem/src to /usr/lib/pd/extra , otherwise when you run pd 
-lib Gem , it won't be able to load the Gem objects.

ultimately for me the two biggest problems were not fully removing Gem after 
trying the synaptic (apt-get) install, and then later not realizing i needed 
to copy Gem.pd_linux over. i'm a linux newb so forgive my amateurish 
explanations, but hopefully this helps some. this was also installed on pd 
with NO externals, so if you get the list of libs below in synaptic it will 
get all the dependencies for you (i.e. i didn't do pdp and pidip first like 
andre did and i was fine)

On Mon Nov 21 13:37:04 CET 2005 andre schmidt wrote:

i compiled gem without problems from cvs in ubuntu/breezy
(note, i compiled pd, pdp and pidip first, so dunno if they had some
depencies that are not listed here)


1. cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at cvs.gem.iem.at:/cvsroot/pd-gem checkout
Gem GemLibs
2. cd Gem/src
3. autoconf
4. ./configure
5. make

then if you want, "sudo make install" or "sudo checkinstall"
(if you checkinstall, then you can also remove it with dpkg)

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