[PD] iemmatrix documentation - and mtx_mul~

João Miguel Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 13 18:52:46 CET 2005

> Having one dll per object doesn't really make things much bigger,  
> especially when implemented properly.  Its just encapsulating code in  
> multiple files rather than one.  As for the issue of confusion, try to  
> deal with name conflicts when they are compiled into libraries.

well, my externals folder takes 14 Mb, the one from the extended version  
130Mb - in the iemmatrix folder (which was the initial subject) the  
original dll only takes 63Kb, but with all objects separated almost 2Mb.
To deal with name conflicts, keep track of what's installed and have  
always a reference I update the INTRO file after each install (here's a  
copy), or soon it won't do much to have so many objects, as at least I  
wouldn't be able to know who does what.

> If you like spending your time maintaining your Pd install, don't let me  
> stop you.  I would just like to see us all spending less time on  
> maintenance, build systems, and file management, and more time writing  
> really cool things.

I really don't spend that much time, as I have a system for it (which has  
been lasting for a few years), so it's quite automatized. That's also why  
I can't change that fast, in case it might be necessary (which I try to  
I find a full-package of pd really great, but since I have the choice, and  
for now it seems that there are still a few differentes between both, I  
prefer to keep installing the original dll's (as long as someone keeps  
coding them). Anyway I can compare both versions and check out what I am  
still missing.


PS: H-C, sorry for the delay with the multi-mega version of gui-edit.pd -  
I have already aligned all variables, but need a couple of days of free  
time to just put it working and solve the GUI, etc.
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