[PD] pd_gui error

Jonathan Goodwin jonathan at jgoodwin.co.uk
Wed Feb 15 22:54:35 CET 2006

>> When I try to add comments to my patch, the highlighted comment box appears
>> miles to the right of the cursor sometimes off the side of the canvas. You
>> often don't know whether they have actually worked, meaning you often find
>> odd 'comment' comments scattered around your patch from when you couldn't
>> find them previously!
> perhaps your scroll position is a bit off, perhaps having selected everything
> and moved it over, or deleted things from the original 0x0-windowsize area
> during patching which is causing some kind of offset...

I have on a number of occasions moved all the items on my patch. I've
actually been developing a number of my processes in separate patches and
then compiling them into one final one where I know everything works.

Is this not a glitch then? Surely you need to be able to move stuff around
your patch without certain starting to go mad?!

>DesireData has a toolbar of frequently used objects, as well as name
>completions..in addition to a class browser, which could offer the object
>library under a rightclick menu if it doesn't already...cvs branch devel_0_39 ,
>scons desire=1

Sorry, I'm not up to much when it comes to conventional programming and
things like CVS that go with it! I'm not really sure where you mean I can
get this from?


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