[PD] pd_gui error

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 15 23:13:02 CET 2006

Jonathan Goodwin hat gesagt: // Jonathan Goodwin wrote:

> I have on a number of occasions moved all the items on my patch. I've
> actually been developing a number of my processes in separate patches and
> then compiling them into one final one where I know everything works.
> Is this not a glitch then? Surely you need to be able to move stuff around
> your patch without certain starting to go mad?!

I believe, the comment displacement is a bug, that was fixed in later
versions. I cannot reproduce it. Do you have an example patch? 

Howver there are some other "glitches" possible in Pd.

Pd patches keep a coordinate system with the origin (0,0) at the upper
left corner. You can see the coordinates, if you look at a patch in a
text editor. Now if you move objects into the negative area, that is,
very far to the left or top, Pd will get confused.  You can force this
for example by opening any patch like "01.PART1.hello.pd" from the
docs, then "select all", grab the objects in the lower right and push
them to the upper left, so that most other objects are now outside the
visible patch. 

After that operation, the Menu you get with a right-click will be way
off the mouse position. 

The fix: Never move objects outside the left or top window border.

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