[PD] and it's PR/Marketing, or those

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Oct 15 20:16:27 CEST 2006

> Now just some suggestions (excuse me for being rude):
> - Vastly improvement of the webcommunity, very important:
> Except for a very good maillinglist there is no real source for a
> community for pd on the net. The forum at hurleur.com is a joke, and
> that the official site is deadland is just sad. Furthermore the site
> needs to be ordered and probably hardly overworked, there is nothing
> wrong in making it accesible to as many people as possible by runnig
> it in plone, but is it nessecary? The people accesing the site now
> will probably not need that the site is universible compatible with
> every last browser on this earth and history, etc.

feel free, to do the website in shockwave-flash or whatever you like.
but before you do so: according to your email, the only problem with
plone is, that it is accessible to as many people as possible. at least,
this is the only feature of plone you mentioned - apart from not
necessarily bein necessary. so what is your point here?

then i'd like to know, what you consider "deadland" (at least, there
_is_ activity on this site)

last of all: somebody has to run the site. feel free to be the one. if
it becomes a success, you will get a lot of joiners and probably a bit
of honour.


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