[PD] Data structure loop selection

raul diaz raul.lete at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 21:04:45 CET 2007

Thanks Peter!

Now I can create a table object with your messages.
But the problem is that I don't want to create a subpatch with a table.
Instead of that I would like to create a table in a existing subpatch
($1_table) with all my data structure markers. Maybe it's better to create
first my subpatch $1_table with your messages and then create all the data
structure inside.

Anyway, thanks a lot and regards.

2007/2/3, Peter Plessas <plessas at mur.at>:
> Hi,
> ah you are trying to create an object inside a subpatch, right
> (scripting)?
> Then the correct syntax would be:
> [obj 10 10 table(
>   |
>   |
> [s pd-1_table]
> where "1_table" is the name of a subpatch, so i am not sure if you are
> to append the suffix ".pd"
> 10 10 is the X and Y position of the object.
> There are some docs online about pd-scripting:
> http://puredata.org/community/pdwiki/PdInternalMessages/?searchterm=pd-msg
> lg,P

Raul Diaz Poblete
raul.lete at gmail.com
Ciudad Real [Spain]
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