[PD] Re: Looping

PORRES mentalosmosis at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 3 22:46:12 CET 2007

yes, the question was why want it as smooth in pd as in other softwares...

but hey, you say it was as bas in all you had... hmm, that sounds weird to me, cause thats not what i got.

well, the matter is also not the sample anyway... being dodgy or not, and it is actually a looping matter in pd.

i aint got that many loops here actually, so I couldnt try them to see if another .wav file would do better... i will look for it though... and test it.

Do you guys have any patch at all that loops .wav files rather nicely the way I want, which is continuosly loud without envelopes and all?


hard off <hard.off at gmail.com> wrote: well, i just checked the sample, and it didn't loop smoothly in any
software i have.

then i opened it in a sound editor, and the start point is zero, but
the end point is not zero, which would be why pd makes a "drastic"

i will now bow out of this discussion, because i can't see why anyone
would want to loop such a dodgy sample in the first place.

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