[PD] dynamic proximity responce

nosehair911 at bellsouth.net nosehair911 at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 7 15:30:03 CET 2007

I'm very new to PD so this may be a simple question.  Is there any way to have multiple objects interact 
with each others patching depending on how close they are to each other.  In simple terms. 
Basically have 1 gemobject be attached to a loadbang and a 2nd gemobject be attached to a metro and 
as object 1 gets a certain distance from object 2 the loadbangs outlet attaches to the metros inlet. I have 
been driving myself crazy trying to figure this out in PD. I think it might have something to do with pmpd 
but I cant figure it out.
Any help would be appreciated.


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