[PD] problem installing iem/adaptive library

Georg Holzmann grhPD at gmx.at
Thu May 17 17:51:45 CEST 2007

Hallo Tania!

> I have started working with PD few weeks ago and I find it very useful 
> for my work, but I am facing some problems in trying to load some 
> libraries into PD. I want to add the Adaptive Filter library written by 
> Markus Noisternig and Thomas Musil. I am working on Mac osx.

This library is included in the pd-extended autobuilds from 
http://autobuild.puredata.org/auto-build/ - there you can download the 
osx version.

Then you only have to start pd with "pd -lib libdir -lib iem_adaptfilt".


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