[PD] External with inline code snippet

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Jul 2 10:13:07 CEST 2007

Carlos Pita wrote:
> I've thought a bit more about the subject. I find that a realisation of the
> idea on top of a custom gui object could have some rough edges:
> (i) the code is not given at creation time, so if the number of
> inlets/outlets is to be inferred from it, pd objects should support
> adding/removing of inlets/outlets after object initialization. Is this
> possible?

afaik it is possible, though the gui might not get updated accordingly.

what do you gain from that? it would break your patch everytime you send
your object another code-snippet (with other iolets)

> (ii) maybe the object will show itself in outer abstractions when contained
> in inner abstractions with graph-in-parent activated. Is it possible to
> avoid this?

yes: do not use "graphical" objects; all "normal" (non-graphical)
objects will be invisible on the parent.
if your object has to be graphical, just don't put it into the red
rectangle of the child-patch, and you won't see it in the parent.

there is not much use of a graphical object which you cannot see. (there
are uses for such objects, but i guess you don't want to reinvent the
whell for that...)


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