[PD] sysexin midiin alsa

peter boehm boehm at mlab.at
Tue Jul 24 20:34:06 CEST 2007

hi list,

i am running pd-cvs 0.40 on linux-ppc and have troubles with midiin and
midout was sending nothing. in the archives i found some help and i have
patched s.midi.c and x.midi.c with iohannes patches
), which works fine and i can send sysex data out.

patching s_midi_alsa.c with the midiout_alsa.patch results in sending a 00
for each byte in the sysex message.

testing midiin i can just receive sysex messages shorter than 20 bytes
(240, x1, x2, x3,...x17, x18, 247). is this intentional?

any help would be nice

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