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Daniel Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 04:04:10 CET 2007

Hey guys!

I've been working on some patches and music while I was at STEIM in October
with the result being
a bunch of gui patches inspired by Chris McCormicks awesome s-abstractions
that use the equally awesome
Frank Barknecht's sssad state saving.  The sequencing objects + s-arranger
finally allow me to make full songs more like when I was using FL Studio.
Screw FL Studio now!

Some of the objects included are:
- rc-seq: a variable length xoxo sequence
- rc-drumseq: a variable length sequencer container a number of the above
- rc-track: a variable length midi note sequence
- rc-tracker: a variable length tracker containing a number of the above
- rc-chipwave~: a chiptunes emulator built around Phill Phelp's chipwave~
example <http://www.zenpho.co.uk/chipwave.shtml>
- rc-wavetable~: a wavetable gui osc
- rc-arp: the arpeggiator from Tod Winkler's Composing Interactive Music
- blahblahblah ...

Webpage: software.robotcowboy.com/rc-patches

See my myspace <%20%20http://www.myspace.com/robotcowboy> (redundant?) for
two new songs, MyLungsWereAchingForYou and SpaceLight, built entirely in pd
using the rc-patch song structuring, generation from live midi, and realtime
mixing of the mic/distorted digitar (hey, thats pretty good for a 500Mhz

Anyway, I've started making gui objects to save time when I make the songs
(compose) and I just want to get into a
a groove.  Some of them are unfinished but check em out, I'll update them as
I go.

Hopefully they will be useful to someone.

Dan Wilcox
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