[PD] PD Server

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 9 09:35:33 CET 2008

Agent Engram wrote:
> so this thread is kindof a good place to ask a question. I have a 
> working pd client but I am tring to parse out results from my object 
> server, needed to manage the OCS data coming from my TUIO server.

since TUIO really just builds on top of OSC (it took me some time to 
understand that you really mean "OSC" when you write "OCS"; there are so 
many abbreviations and acronyms out there that you have to be 
careful,...), why don't you just use OSC-objects?

there is this nice set of externals from mrpeach:
net/: a collection of objects allowing you to open UDP or TCP/IP ports 
as client or server
osc/: a collection of objects that parse the output (or input resp.) of 
the net/-objects as OSC-messages understandable by Pd.

afaik they are part of pd-extended.
if you are not using pd-extended, get them from ./externals/mrpeach/net 
and ./externals/mrpeach/osc (both in the pd-repository at sourceforge)

> here is my client patch....
> http://www.newobjectivity.com/downloads/pd/tuio_netclient2.gif

hmm, this is not really a patch, this is an image :-)

since Pd patches are usually very small text-files, it often makes sense 
to send the patches themselves instead of screenshots of them.

> it seems the data is coming from the server ok...

afaik, [netclient] (as well as mrpeach/net's [udpreceive]/[tcpreceive]) 
will output binary data in the form of lists of byte-values.
you will have to parse them to make sense.
otoh, your output does not seem to be binary-data in form of byte-lists.
it seems to be binary data interpreted as pd-messages.
OSC is a binary protocol.


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