[PD] generating fluke objects strobo

robert grah smilingmolecule at web.de
Mon May 19 14:48:47 CEST 2008

hallo frank,

2008/5/19 Frank Barknecht <fbar at footils.org>:

> Do you have any example for what exactly you want to do? I've never
> heard of this "fluke" thing and searching the web for that term
> yielded no useable results as fluke is a common word.

fluke should be the translation for the german word "zufall". maybe
coincidence is the better word for this.
i want to generate surfaces, tables, boxes, geometrical forms in strobo
speed style. this objects be generated through coincidence algorythms. so
for example i have 4 boxes which change the color and the size every frame
per coincidence.

Gem can generate graphics at the usual 20/25 fps, which already is
> much faster than a club stroboscope - and it's much faster than
> loading websites, too.

i will check Gem, sounds that this is what i need.

Popular choices for scripting languages in Pd include Lua and Python.
> Both can (be made to) talk to network services over a socket
> connection or even http. You can also use Java with pdj, if that
> suits you better, or Scheme etc.

my choice would be python, but i think maybe Gem is mighty enough to do what
i need.

thanks a lot
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