[PD] extended on asus eeePC?

Vincent Rioux vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Sat Jun 14 15:33:33 CEST 2008

It worked ok for me with the debian distro
by the way, just a little warning i first tried to install debian on a 
sdhc external card, ran into several pbs and finally this sd card burn 
out (apparently it happened to some other people).
what i would avice then is to install debian on the internal card 
(removing xandros, which you have on the install cd anyway).
i rand pd-extended and supercollider rather smoothly.

Kevin McCoy a écrit :
> I wouldn't recommend doing it with the default Xandros installation if
> you are new to Linux.  It is certainly possible but you have to
> customize the repositories first, and then probably you'd want to
> permanently enable the advanced mode desktop, both of which require
> text editing and command line tweaking.  This might sound like jargon
> to you but with a month or so of practice you'll have a lot better
> grip on it, we've all been there when we were learning Linux.  There's
> stuff you have to understand about repositories, packages,
> dependencies, and all of that before you can get a good grasp on how
> to install pd extended in a customized Linux distribution like the one
> Asus provides.  What would be a better choice would be to switch to
> something like eeexubuntu for your os and follow standard
> documentation for Ubuntu/Debian based operating systems - that way you
> get a good base of how-tos + etc floating around on the 'net in case
> you have any questions.
> So, there are a few of us using the eeepc on this list (I guess me and
> Georg, maybe some others too) but like I said, if you want to be able
> to follow the multitude of howtos and troubleshooting guides out there
> so you can get your problems resolved faster without having to wait
> for the slowbies to answer, you'll be better off getting a standard,
> full-functioning OS like eeexubuntu instead of the customized Asus
> Xandros.  Check out www.eeeuser.com and read the wiki there - this is
> the best site for eeepc related matters and has great howto guides you
> can follow.
> Good luck!!!
> km
> On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 12:13 PM, potax flan <potaxpotax at gmail.com> wrote:
>> i downloaded Hans' .deb installer but when i run it from the xandros desktop
>> (choosing the option "install debian package" or something like that) i get
>> an error message and it doesnt go far. both synaptic and apt-get give me a
>> non-extended pd to install, which i tried, but i really need extended, as
>> all my patches require it at some point.
>> can you apt-get install extended? mayb it's just a matter of adding the
>> right sources?
>> ideas?
>> On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 10:22 AM, Georg Holzmann <grh at mur.at> wrote:
>>> Hallo!
>>>> just got a shiny new asus eeePC
>>>> i am fairly new to linux, and looking for the easiest most friendly way
>>>> to install
>>>>  pd-entended (i dont need it to be the latest version, althou that'd be
>>>> great).
>>>> tips for a linux newbie?
>>> It is just the same as on every other computer.
>>> I use (k)ubuntu on the eee, so all dependencies are easy to install ...
>>> However, I don't know if it is that easy on the default Xandros OS, you
>>> might not have all latest libraries, but you could try it !
>>> LG
>>> Georg
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