[PD] limit in number of sssad abstraction

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Feb 7 14:40:47 CET 2009

punchik punchik hat gesagt: // punchik punchik wrote:

> hello list, is there is a limit in the number of sssad abstractions that can be used in a patch, im using 50 sssad abstractions in a patch and when i save  to a text file my pd crashes(but it still save fine the file), and then when i try to load the textfile- preset it loads fine but i get stack overflow messages, when my patch had 20 sssad abstractions it used to work fine.
> why is that? Is the problem the number of sssad abstractions im using?

Could you send an example patch that demonstrates the problem? Generally
using 50 sssad's should be fine. For example the s_fm4 from the RjDj
library uses 40 sssad's in one object without problems - and I usually
use more sssad-enabled objects in paralell to that.


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