[PD] mapping

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Fri Apr 10 19:51:34 CEST 2009


since i'm tired of useless discussion, i had to do something.
i'm not really proud of this, but i did fork the mapping lib.

so i'm back working on my own, just like i use to do with la-kitchen lib, before the mapping lib.

i commited a puremapping folder in svn/abstraction/nusmuk

all abstractions there should be vanilla-pd (expr free).
they have no dependency except other puremapping abstractions.
(exept pm object who need msd)

this objects are most of the time compatible with same named abstractions on the la-kitchen folder, or on the mapping folder.
however, i already debug few of the mapping abstraction...
i also changed some abstractions name and add a few.

i did not convert all mapping abstraction, i just convert the one i use. 
i could port other abstractions if there is a need, but i don't think there will be lot's of users...

this also mean that i stop all development for the mapping lib, i'm now working only on the puremapping one.


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