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Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Sep 14 20:40:57 CEST 2009

On Sat, 12 Sep 2009, András Murányi wrote:

> It looks so nice on the Mac...! ;o)
> It's a pity it looks way less 21th Century here on Hardy...

Well, at least Carmen's peak-meters made it into a mainstream branch. 
(I didn't actually check that they are the same, maybe they aren't...)

> fyi I have attached the screenshot.

I have attached another screenshot that has the original visual 
peak-meters from Carmen. Note how they were put on the same row to save 
space (usually i'd rather group them the other way, but here the point was 
to save some space).

Midi In/Out switches are an interesting concept. How did you think of 
that? Do you understand why those switches were never added to Pd and 
no-one seemed to ever suggest them? (as far as I recall...)

Console hiding looks like a neat idea, but somehow, I never want it, 
because it's important to watch the console all of the time, to figure out 
what's going on.

> - I would omit the IN/OUT meter switch. Can we? Or is this a CPU-hog?

Depends... I suppose it was more of a hog back when the switch was 
introduced. Computers are so much faster now. But it would be better to 
measure it than to speculate.

> In my graphics they are just simple switches but I'm not sure it is 
> possible to 'blink' those switches.

All switches are blinkable in the Linux version, and perhaps on all 
platforms, but it's not a good idea because the default looks of those 
switches are different from platform to platform and now they can vary 
according to theme. On Windows, the box is white and stays white, but on 
Linux, it defaults to the overall background colour, and turning it on 
makes it either dark grey or red. Given that, it's hard to also make it an 
indicator of something else at the same time, with colours that will be 
meaningful for everybody, etc.

But what would the indicator actually indicate?

> If not, then we could have separate switches and LEDs. - A LOAD meter. 
> Is this a CPU hog?

Probably not any more than the peak meters, but this would have to be 
measured too.

> If not, can we have it on the Pd window? (It is quite hidden under the 
> Media menu, imho also because Media is a quite fuzzy name.)

As you can see, I have removed the Media menu. The options in it have gone 
into "Preferences" in the File menu (or Apple menu); otoh the test-audio 
and load-meter patches are now accessible from the Help menu.

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