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András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 21:38:13 CEST 2009

>  It looks so nice on the Mac...! ;o)
>> It's a pity it looks way less 21th Century here on Hardy...
> Well, at least Carmen's peak-meters made it into a mainstream branch. (I
> didn't actually check that they are the same, maybe they aren't...)
>> fyi I have attached the screenshot.
> I have attached another screenshot that has the original visual peak-meters
> from Carmen. Note how they were put on the same row to save space (usually
> i'd rather group them the other way, but here the point was to save some
> space).

Nice. However, I don't feel I need so much to save space above the Console.
Maybe on some limited resolutions?
Btw I can see it's a snapshot of 2009/09/06. Do I understand right that 1)
dd is being actively developed these days 2) some code from it gets its way
to pd?

Midi In/Out switches are an interesting concept. How did you think of that?
> Do you understand why those switches were never added to Pd and no-one
> seemed to ever suggest them? (as far as I recall...)

;o) Yes I think I understand... so far it seems I am one of the very few
midi-intensive folks out these days. On the other hand, pd's GUI has been
pretty much simplistic so far, what I mean is that not many thing seem to
have been suggested and added over the years.

Console hiding looks like a neat idea, but somehow, I never want it, because
> it's important to watch the console all of the time, to figure out what's
> going on.

You're right. If I suddenly get console-phobia however, I have so many ways
to hide it. Resizing is one of them.

>  - I would omit the IN/OUT meter switch. Can we? Or is this a CPU-hog?
> Depends... I suppose it was more of a hog back when the switch was
> introduced. Computers are so much faster now. But it would be better to
> measure it than to speculate.

Cool. Unfortunately I've never done TCL and my C is somewhat archaic...
that's why I cannot volunteer to do these.

>  In my graphics they are just simple switches but I'm not sure it is
>> possible to 'blink' those switches.
> All switches are blinkable in the Linux version, and perhaps on all
> platforms, but it's not a good idea because the default looks of those
> switches are different from platform to platform and now they can vary
> according to theme. On Windows, the box is white and stays white, but on
> Linux, it defaults to the overall background colour, and turning it on makes
> it either dark grey or red. Given that, it's hard to also make it an
> indicator of something else at the same time, with colours that will be
> meaningful for everybody, etc.
> But what would the indicator actually indicate?

They would blink on MIDI IN/OUT activity.
The switches would enable/disable MIDI input/output.

>  If not, then we could have separate switches and LEDs. - A LOAD meter. Is
>> this a CPU hog?
> Probably not any more than the peak meters, but this would have to be
> measured too.
>  If not, can we have it on the Pd window? (It is quite hidden under the
>> Media menu, imho also because Media is a quite fuzzy name.)
> As you can see, I have removed the Media menu. The options in it have gone
> into "Preferences" in the File menu (or Apple menu); otoh the test-audio and
> load-meter patches are now accessible from the Help menu.

Cool! While I think I completely understand the advantages of having an
independent development (namely DesireData) I will be personally happy to
see you positively engaging in pd GUI development as well. (I hope you take
it right!)

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