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On Sep 13, 2009, at 1:09 PM, András Murányi wrote:

> 2009/9/13 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at>
>> It looks so nice on the Mac...! ;o)
>> It's a pity it looks way less 21th Century here on Hardy... fyi I  
>> have attached the screenshot.
> Make you are are running Tcl/Tk 8.5 and it'll look much better.   
> Install tcl8.5 and tk8.5, then run:
> "update-alternatives --config wish" and choose wish8.5.  Then Pd  
> will use the much improved Wish 8.5.
> Thanks! Now fonts are anti-aliased. Plus the startup plugins started  
> to work, which means that at least some of them don't work with tcl/ 
> tk<=8.4.
> I have attached a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.
>> I have also mocked up a version with my ideas (which are based on  
>> my rather limited knowledge of Pd). Please take a look at it.
> Did you mock it up in Tcl?
> Nay. Xara Xtreme ;o)
>> - Afaik the IN/OUT meters are for the DSP so I would group them  
>> with the DSP switch.
> Makes sense.
>> - I would omit the IN/OUT meter switch. Can we? Or is this a CPU-hog?
> I think its useful just to be able to have less distractions.
> Useful to have it? So that the meter doesn't distract you?
> Or useful to omit? So the switch doesn't distract you?
> ;o)
>> - I would suggest having some kind of MIDI IN/OUT LEDs... which  
>> could also serve as switches in case you want to suspend MIDI  
>> reception or transmission. In my graphics they are just simple  
>> switches but I'm not sure it is possible to 'blink' those switches.  
>> If not, then we could have separate switches and LEDs.
> That also sounds useful for those who use MIDI.  'pd' is not  
> currently sending 'pd-gui' that info tho.
> I'm one of the guys who don't use DSP, my output is nuttin-but-MIDI.  
> (Now that I think there may be guys whos output is mainly to the  
> network...)
>> - A LOAD meter. Is this a CPU hog? If not, can we have it on the Pd  
>> window? (It is quite hidden under the Media menu, imho also because  
>> Media is a quite fuzzy name.)
> That's a nice idea.  It would require writing the Tcl code to get  
> the load from the OS, but that's probably easy.
> Once we clean up the Media menu, we may be able to find a better  
> name for it. Just my 2 cents.
>> - Console hide, clear. Let's try to have it somewhere right above  
>> the console!
> A clear button is ok, it is on the File menu.  As for hide, I think  
> its easier to just have window resizing work well.  With the  
> pdwindow in pd-gui-rewrite, you can manually resize it down to just  
> the metters/buttons.
> At the current version, i have 'Clear console' in the Edit menu but  
> Hide console is gone. I think it could be kept however (regardless  
> of what is the actual routine that it runs), and I even think it's  
> not bad to provide it on the GUI and in the menu as well. Anyway,  
> it's certainly good to have a control as close to the controlled  
> item as possible, whenever possible.
> BTW, I have a dream which is that the console is tabbed, and the  
> default tab displays system messages, while for each [print PREFIX]  
> a new tab is opened. That way messages get separated by PREFIX. It's  
> just a silly dream, forget it ;op

Tabs in the Pd window would be very nice indeed.  Someone just needs  
to code it. :-D


> .hc
> Thanks for your time!
> Andras
> <newPdUi-wish8.5.png>


Looking at things from a more basic level, you can come up with a more  
direct solution... It may sound small in theory, but it in practice,  
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