[PD] Very large patches unstable?

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 01:45:17 CET 2009

Mathieu Bouchard escribió:
>> Also, the part of not telling the name was a kind of a joke since I 
>> _thought_ it was clear I was talking about Miller.
> We have no idea. We still have no info about your bug about big patches, 
> except that it's about big patches and that it frustrates you. 


You are confusing me.

No, right now I am not working on any big patch and I am not 
experimenting any frustrating bug.

Well, actually, right now I am working with GEM and even with a dozen of 
objects I experiment some sudden crashes every now and then which have 
brought me to the point that I now hit CTRL+S without even realising. 
But that's almost surely GEM, and I won't even care until I test it on 
the target machine which is a mac (me on windows now) with dunnow-which 
version of Extended (me using vanilla + the last gem).

The one that was reporting a specific problem was the guy who started 
the thread; I was just speaking in general terms. I had some problems 
with huge patches in the past; I usually had strict deadlines so I had 
to go on with whatever workaround saved the show.

When I mentioned the fact that Miller fixed some bug I reported, it was 
not supposed to matter what bug since it is now fixed...

 >>  Wait wait wait, i'm SORRY for the terrible MISUNDERSTANDING here -
 >> well i'd rather call it MISEXPLAINING to place the blame on the right
 >> place, which is on me.

 > That's what the problem is. I want you to put the blame on a piece of 
 > code, not on any person, even you.

Errrr..... no, I meant the blame about the misunderstanding: I don't 
like the word "misunderstanding" because it seems to blame the person 
who misunderstood, while the responsible may perfectly be the person who 
didn't explain clearly.

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com

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