[PD] [PD-announce] Surround 5.1 Granulation 4.0 PD Patch Now Public

Freaky DNA freakydna at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 13 22:53:57 CET 2009

Hi Hans,

Good to hear from you, great work on PD extended - it was much more difficult to use before you cleaned things up!

been using this patch as a demonstration on how to use granulation with
games (there's some examples in my more recent videos).  Granulation is
a great way to cut down on repetition and plenty of other reasons.  I
use the surround part when I to show
how sounds can move through space in surround and found it was a great
addition to using granulation.  The interesting thing about using
granulation and surround is that you can take a mono (or stereo, etc..) sound and
potentially diffuse it into surround space by allocating the grains all
different x,y positions (definitely good for wind and water).  The patch does this in a simple way by
spawning grains at the current x,y position and so when you move the
position rapidly then the grains trail the position.

interested in more on granulation and games, you might also have a look
my site : http://www.VideoGameAudio.com .  I have archived several
talks and papers that I have done on the subject of game audio.  More
questions are always welcome as well!

I'd like for more people to have access to the patch, do you know of other PD lists I should post it on?


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Subject: Re: [PD-announce] Surround 5.1 Granulation 4.0 PD Patch Now Public
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> Nice patch!  The granulator works quite smoothly.  I 
> don't have 5.1 so  
> I can comment on that part.  I am curious how you used that 
> in video  
> game sound?
> ,hc
> On Dec 11, 2009, at 7:37 PM, Freaky DNA wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I've uploaded a new sampled sound granulation patch to my 
> website at:
> > http://www.VideoGameAudio.com/
> > under the 'patches' section:
> > http://www.sfu.ca/~leonardp/VideoGameAudio/main.htm#patches
> >
> > It granulates a loaded sample and allows the grains to 
> be  
> > distributed in 5.1 surround.  It should be fairly easy 
> for you to  
> > use the surround or granulation code in your own work.  
> Let me know  
> > if it is useful to you and perhaps give credit when appropriate.
> >
> > I presented it as part of a demonstration at the GameSoundCon 
> in San  
> > Francisco in November 2009 and had several people ask for the 
> code,  
> > so here it is.  If you're interested in further updates 
> related to  
> > using Pure Data with video game audio, you can have a look at 
> : http://twitter.com/VideoGameAudio 
> >  .
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Leonard J. Paul / VideoGameAudio.com  
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