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John Harrison johnharrisonwsu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 16:24:48 CET 2010

Since you are on Linux one kludge might be to use devilspie
<http://burtonini.com/blog/computers/devilspie>to force focus to a
particular window?

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 9:19 AM, James Dunn <james at 4thharmonic.com> wrote:

>  Hi list,
> I have a patch where I'm running the audio in one instance of pd and gem in
> another with -noaudio.
> I have the audio pd patch sending the output of [keyname] to gem pd via
> [netsend], but after starting the patch in fullscreen the audio pd patch
> loses the window focus. It works to begin with for a few keystrokes, then I
> can no longer control the audio. I have a [gemkeyname] object in the gem
> patch which then takes over (presumably triggered by the gem activity that
> was controlled from the audio pd patch), but I lose the audio pd control.
> I tried adding another netsend (on a different port) back to the audio pd,
> but then I get some double triggers!
> So, what is the best way to maintain focus on one particular window? It
> would be fine if the gem window has focus all the time, or the audio pd
> window but I haven't worked out how and why it changes. I'm using Ubuntu
> Hardy and pd-extended-0.42.5.
> thanks
> James
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