[PD] Hello!

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 18 18:39:30 CET 2010

Welcome, Josh.

I'll also put in a plug here for my synthesizer based on Jamie Bullock's 
granular synthesis engine:



Derek Holzer wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> welcome on board! I also went from Reaktor (and Audio Mulch) to Pd, 
> but that was many years ago in the dark ages when I used woolly 
> mammoths on a treadmill to power my laptop, and cavebear bones as a 
> physical interface.
> If you're into granular stuff, have a look at my Particlechamber 
> abstraction:
> http://macumbista.net/?page_id=514
> Due for an update after 7 long years sometime this spring or summer ;-)
> Best,
> Derek
> Josh Moore wrote:
>> It's great fun, more stable than Reaktor which I think is yuck to
>> begin with, and I'm mostly learning for the lack of good live granular
>> synthesis on the mac.

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