[PD] another [readanysf~] install-on-ubuntu guide. (was: readanysf~ binary ubuntu?)

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 23 01:44:48 CET 2010

>> 	I'm sorry readanysf~ is somewhat difficult to install.
> Actually, compiling [readanysf~] is dead-easy. It's only it's
> dependencies, that can be tricky. However, if you _know_ that you need
> to first install some libraries for compiling gmerlin-avdecoder, then
> this is easy as well.

the problem here is that I'm still on jaunty. gmerlin only appeared some
months ago for karmic. unfortunately I'm not very experienced in compiling  
and can't code (and don't really want to learn any of those). so I can't  
offer any specialized help.

I'm also a windows user, so a windows version would be great. specially
because, for whatever reason, pd is quite weak in terms of file players.
even mp3play~ doesn't work with any of my mp3.

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