[PD] Strange bug in my patch

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 13:19:19 CET 2010

 > when dynamically creating
 > signal-processing objects or abstractions, the dsp graph is not
 > automatically recompiled
 > I can't
 > recall if it is considered a feature or a bug, but probably it
 > doesn't matter, since dynamic object creation is not officially
 > supported.
 > Actually, when creating a tilde object or an abstraction, that
 > processes
 > signals, dynamically it's not taken into account for the currently
 > used
 > dsp graph. However, when you create the second instance (or any other
 > tilde object), the first one is taken into account, but not the
 > second.

This is _not_ only with dynamically created objects.
It also happens with manually-created instances of abstractions 
containing dsp objects.

See the attached patch: open "test.pd", it contains a [catch~ audio] 
connected to the dac.
Then create in it an instance of [myabs~ 500]: it contains an osc 
connected to a [throw~ audio], and $1 is used as the frequency.

You will hear nothing.

Then create a [myabs~ 700]: now you'll start to hear the previously 
created one, but not the second. And so on.

So the bug also affects "officially supported" patching and it does 
matter, though only for "live patching" (everything works fine when you 
load a saved patch). When you know it it's not a major issue (or an 
issue at all), but until you realise it, it can be quite confusing when 
editing the patch and try to figure out what's going on...

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com
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