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> Be advised that there is many ways of mapping faders to mulipliers. 
> Depending on your practice it is common to have the 0dB (unity gain) 
> mark somewhere 4/5 up the fader's range, which is inherited from 
> analogue mixing desks and which I have found useful in the digital 

yeah, I didn't realise that it is the design of the mixertrack screenshot 
from a known software I've posted before. 

> domain as well (despite the danger of clipping at the dac). The mapping 
> of a fader's value to the actual multiplicative value is also a matter 
> of feel (tactile). I don't know if there is much research about this 

analog mixerboards has been developped for the best expression 
of human feeling over an amplitude modulator, why looking elsewhere? 

> topic, I personally prefer the [fadtodb] abstraction by Thomas Musil 
> (iemabs/iemlib) which we use for our productions here at the IEM, and 
> which to my humble opinion comes closest to the analogue desks i love. 

yeah that's perfect! 

curiously I get 100.111 db at 4/6 from [fadtodb]'s scale. 

> chease, 
> Peter 
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