[PD] MIDI In-to-Out Latency

Jim Aikin midiguru23 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 6 01:59:44 CEST 2010

> Just to see if I got that right, the rip is:
> keyboard ->  YOKE in ->  YOKE OUT ->  PD IN ->  PD OUT  ->  YOKE IN ->  YOKE OUT

No. The pathway is: keyboard ->M-Audio Firewire 410 MIDI in (via the FW 
410's driver) -> PD in -> Pd out -> Yoke in -> Yoke out -> Cubase in. 
The Yoke is only in the path once.

>> The sluggish response is clearly due to Pd. Also, it's consistent whether
> Pd's patch window is in or>out of edit mode.
> How can you be sure? You are making two trips using that patching software
> (I confess I had no clue what MIDI-OX was previous to your thread), there's
> latency in all of the above hops (MIDI message passing through softwares) .

I'm sure because when I use the identical pathway but substitute MIDI-Ox 
for Pd, the latency goes away.
> Do you tried to see how is Pd's latency in a "simple play sine wave with
> MIDI note" patch? that will give you the response time of keyboard ->  PD.

I haven't tried it yet, but it's irrelevant to me. I don't want to play 
a simple sine wave. I'll try it just because I'm curious, but even if 
it's perfect, that won't help me.

> Then test the oposite, sending PD to your soundcard MIDI and playing some
> device or other solution, allowing you to test the output (by generating a
> MIDI message within PD and route it out od PD).

Generating a MIDI message within Pd would tell me nothing, because I 
would have no way of knowing exactly when it was being generated.

> p.s. just for comparison I use MIDI in PD in WinXP without any noticeable
> latency, although only in Linux I do fancy patching in-out and have no
> noticeable latency (using everything in realtime).

This may be a Windows 7 64-bit problem. Or it could be because I'm using 
Pd Extended. Or it could be something else.


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