[PD] Fwd: l'franglais, et éventuellement de retour à PureData...

matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 22:01:28 CEST 2010


I would like to help you to translate in french the pd floss and
Few years before in La Kitchen in Paris, Thierry Coduys started to 
translate pd help files into french. I don't know if it's finish but we 
can ask for this...

But I don't have time yet to do the translation. I need to organise my 
life first maybe after I will try to organise french pd.


Olivier Baudu a écrit :
> Goodjour,
> When I have questions about Pd, I usually start with going on 
> http://codelab.fr/pure-data to ask it in french...
> If no one give me answer I come on this list and try to be understood in 
> english.
> Otherwise, I think the french activity around Pd is significantly 
> increasing...
> Something like 5 events dealing with art and code (Pd, Processing, Max, 
> VVVV...) have been organised in 2010 in France by the people who post on 
> codelab.fr <http://codelab.fr> and the next one will be the 10th of july 
> (it's the event Matohawk came here to talk about).
> We (Ping and Labomedia, two french associations) are working on a 
> toolkit to facilitate the organisation of workshop dealing with 
> interaction, art and multimedia...
> We're still on the way but the victory is coming soon.
> Sure Pd is gonna win.
> Yeepee.
> 01ivier
> Le 26 juin 2010 19:49, Stef <stephane.bachelier at gmail.com 
> <mailto:stephane.bachelier at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>     I'm french and I understand why some needs french translation but I
>     don't think french people should speak french on this list. It's
>     only about respect to non french speaker :P
>     Why not create a pd  french translation list?
>     My 2 cent.
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